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    This column addresses all the persons avid to train in the reading, the understanding and the application of certain transverse practical domains in the architecture. A series of trainings is proposed in the form of seminars for the attention of members of public and private Institutions, in particular the client.

    The Company proposes in the form of lessons, adapted to the request and to the quantity of participants, short trainings in small committee. Partners will possibly be called on.
(Please contact the person in charge of trainings for all information)

 Subjects :


1. What do we expect from a program? Criticcal analysis of practical cases.

2. Invitations to tender: from public to private. How to structure request according to the project and to analyze offers ?

3. The early dialogue: understanding public and private networks. Example, dialogue with an union of the Moslem cult.

4. Glance on the building's environment: how to interpret and read the territory (sociologicaly, politicaly, economicaly). Anticipation about possible evolutions of this same territory.

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