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Professional Approaches

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The company " Edwige Dassonville Architectes and Associates " was created on the initiative of the DPLG architect, Edwige Dassonville.
This private Company of Architecture with a capital of 10,000 euros based its head office in Paris, 11th district. The Agency works nationwide including the overseas territories using local correspondents.
Brought to develop particularly in Asia, the company built links with local professionals over the years.
The catch words of the Agency are "Dialogue and Negotiation ", a real methodological approach of the projects whatever their type is. Confronted with multiple programs, Edwige Dassonville knew how to adapt herself to any kind of team, from the most reduced to the most important. The dialogue and the negotiation with various speakers ranging from the client to the Company are keys to success for the Agency, and going to the point, each watches over the good respect of the budget.
Edwige Dassonville, as Managing Director, surrounded herself with people of multiple skills: architects, engineers, economists, researchers, manufacturers, communication managers, computer graphic designers, colourers … These specialists are an integral part of the structure, or they are somtimes long standing partners.
In addition to its permanent team, the company requires help from these trustworthy partners, and so, structures itself in perenniality and can assure all its partners, from the client to the Company, a reliable and lasting collaboration. The adaptability and potential flexibility of the team is one of the key factors for the architecture agency's economic success, which can have projects sometimes lasting up to fifteen years.
The private Company of Architecture " Edwige Dassonville Architectes and Associates " was created in July 2005 after several years of its Managing Director's professional and liberal activity. She was associated with another colleague, multiplying statutes: sometimes associate, sometimes co-contractor or even subcontractor. This collaboration lasted more than eight years, which allowed her to structure its economic and relational environment.
Little by little, she surrounded herself with partners, of all skills, on all the territory, and so, was able to set up this company with predetermined interlocutors and team. This history enabled her to acquire a know-how that now allows the agency to work on various domains ranging from hospitals to religious buildings.
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