Know - How:
Architect DPLG, for more than twelve years, in liberal exercise during four years and now manager of her own agency of Architecture, Edwige Dassonville would concretize her know-how and can illustrate fruits of her reflections trough projects with territorial and local stakes.

With competences acquired, thanks to her colleagues, she is able to assume, with her team, projects of various size, with various specificities: collective and individual flats, schools, offices, industries, hospitals.
Course and Professional Approaches

Edwige Dassonville has had, besides her professional activities as architect, a further training within the "Ecole Normale Supérieure" in Political Sociology. This supplementary competence has strengthen all necessary weapons for the commitment, which is her-own and the one of her team, as architects. That mean with a total professional conscience and with the biggest objectivity, to have the power to influence, in different standard, our society.

And this becomes particularly famous with the work about the communities insertion in cities, with the care of "Living Together".

Edwige Dassonville is confidentially persuaded that to develop the understanding of political stakes, in every operation is the key of a listening optimum of the expectations of client, and consequently, the base of a rational quality project.

This architectural conception is based above all on program necessities, and so, the shape becomes the expression of the function in perfect equivalence with the technique.


For the quality of the architect work, being totally aware of the political sociology importance, and of the ignorance about that of my peofession, is basic methodological element, which leads to wide paternships. Indeed, political sociology seems to be an essential element to reach the real sense of the consultant duty, which must be do by our team as architect.

Like that, every project finds a more right sense taking into account all informations. Understanding clients constraints and the complexity of their relationship system, as private as public, and their management of public policies in our society, bring an additional mean to answer expectations and create an emulation for the whole of partners: clients, political personalities, engineering firms, builders...

With this approach, all intervenors find their place in the interest of the good respect of economical targets.

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